Tie Bars


The tie bars shown, are still available for sale.

Pictures and the other breeds will be added in the near future.


These tie bars cannot be re-ordered. When the last one is sold it will be deleted.


Custom Pewter or hand painted tie bars are still available.




Afghan Tie Bar  $30.00

gold plated 


Only 1 available








Boxer Standing


Only 1 available in gold plate 


(picture of tiebar to follow)



Bullmastiff head



Available in

Gold plate and silver plate

(picture of tie bar to follow)





Cavalier Tie Bar   $30.00


only 2 available in gold plate 






Cocker Tie Bar  $30.00


5 available in gold plate 





Doberman head #1 



only 1 available





Doberman head #2  



only 2 available



German Shorthaired Pointer


only 3 gold left





Schnauzer Tie Bar  $30.00



Scottish Terrier Tie Bar  



only 1 left in gold




Setter Tie Bar