Hand Painted Pewter Cat Pins

All of these beautiful Pewter Pins are designs from wildlife artist Geo G Harris.

Each one is crafted in a lead free pewter and made in the USA.

Each hand painted pin is "one of a kind".


The standard pewter long haired and shorthaired cats were the models used to paint the different breeds shown.

Long Hair Cat
Short Hair








Black & White Short Hair



Sable Burmilla





Photo Gallery of Long and Shorthaired Cat designs from George G Harris

Photo Gallery of Long and Shorthaired Cat Head Designs from Creative Castings

More Hand Painted Pewter Cats

All of these beautiful designs are from Chelsea International. 


Some of these pins will be "one of a kind" if the design that has been discontinued.


If the design is still being used, the pin will be available in pewter. See section, Chelsea Pewter.






White cat bird watching $30.00







Two Black cats bookends pin $30.00






Tabby & White cat bird watching $30.00







Cat with Butterfly Pin $30.00