Pewter Bar Pins

I am now taking wholesale orders for these pewter pins. I own the moulds for these pins and they are not available for sale anywhere else. 

Initial minimum order is $300.00 plus insured shipping.

If you are interested please contact me for pricing and quantities.


The following photo gallery shows only some of the breeds that are available.


These beautiful bar pins have a locking closure on the back which has been soldered on and are designed to last. They are polished and made with a "lead free" pewter. Others have a 2 pin back.


All are made in Canada or the United States so they are all lead free.


Any of these pins may also be hand painted.





American Cocker $20.00








         Bichon Frise $20.00




Bloodhound  $20.00



Borzoi head  $20.00

Borzoi standing







                                                      Borzoi Standing  $20.00




Boxer head $20.00




Borzoi Head #2   $20.00



Boxer full body  $20.00



Bullmastiff   $20.00




Bull terrier   $20.00




Cairn terrier  $20.00



Cardigan Corgi  $20.00



Doberman Head $20.00



Doberman head on disc  $20.00




English pointer   $20.00



French bulldog Puppy  $20.00



German Shorthaired Pointer   $20.00




Great Dane   $20.00



Irish Wolfhound body   $20.00





Japanese chin 

Pewter Pin




Mastiff (head) $20.00




Pug full body  $20.00

Visla $20.00
Sealyham $20.00
Komodor $20.00
Norwich $20.00
Sharpai $20.00
Schnauzer $20.00
Mastiff (full body) $20.00
Italian Spanoni $20.00

Irish Wolfhound head

(two pin back)



Pug head




Scottish Terrier