Pewter Bar Pins


The following photo gallery shows only some of the breeds that are available.


These beautiful bar pins have a locking closure on the back which has been soldered on and are designed to last. They are polished and made with a "lead free" pewter. Others have a 2 pin back.


All are made in Canada or the United States so they are all lead free.


Any of these pins may also be hand painted.





American Cocker $20.00








         Bichon Frise $20.00




Bloodhound  $20.00



Borzoi head  $20.00

Borzoi standing







                                                      Borzoi Standing  $20.00




         Borzoi Head #2   $20.00




Boxer head $20.00



Boxer full body  $20.00



Bullmastiff   $20.00




Bull terrier   $20.00




Cairn terrier  $20.00



Cardigan Corgi  $20.00



Doberman Head $20.00



Doberman head on disc  $20.00




English pointer   $20.00



French bulldog Puppy  $20.00



German Shorthaired Pointer   $20.00




Great Dane   $20.00



Irish Wolfhound body   $20.00





Japanese chin 

Pewter Pin




Mastiff (head) $20.00

Mastiff (full body) $20.00
Visla $20.00
Sealyham $20.00
Komodor $20.00




Pug full body  $20.00

Sharpai $20.00
Norwich $20.00
Schnauzer $20.00
Italian Spanoni $20.00

Irish Wolfhound head

(two pin back)



Pug head




Scottish Terrier