Pewter Clutch Pins


We have a large selection of "lead free pewter" clutch pins.


All the pins are made in Canada or the US.


Wholesale orders are now being accepted. Initial minimum order is $300.00 pluse insured shipping.


I own the moulds for these pins and there are not available anywhere else.

If you are interested, contact me for pricing.






Cocker  $15.00





Dachie Smooth  $15.00




Doberman mini  $15.00




English Pointer mini pin  $15.00



Frenchie  $15.00






German Shepherd  $15.00





Golden $15.00





Setter  $15.00






Saluki Head $15.00





Schnauzer mini   $15.00





Shepherd Head  $15.00






Setter Head $15.00






Valhund Head  $15.00