Hand Painted Grooming Bags & Insulated Bags

Sorry — New Custom Hand Painted bags are no longer available. The bags that are available for sale will be added to the web site in the near future.  

Hand Painted Grooming Bags & Insulated Bags


There are three types of bags available.


These beautiful one of a kind items are something truly unique, and make a wonderful gift for someone special. They are great for grooming supplies, water or bait you take to the shows.


Colors and Quantities are limited.






Hand painted Bengal


The following is an example of some of the bags that have been done. 


Each bag is beautifully painted and hand washable.


The Insulted bags are $20.00 and are now only available in Black.



Insulated bags




 Green Insulated Bag

 Chinese Crested






                   Red Insulated Bag

                   French Bulldog






Royal Blue Insulated Bag

Siberian Husky

Smaller bags  $15.00

Hand painted grooming bags







                                      My little Annie Cat





Siamese Grooming Bag


British Shorthair







British Shorthair in the grass






Ocicat on Beige Grooming Bag











Black and White Persian


Grooming Bags $15.00

Great Pyrenees grooming bag $15.00










Black and White Cornish Rex






Maine Coon Cat on Black Bag